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tech in PPE

Fire Dept. Vehicle Fogging

Tech fogging fire truck to stop the spread of COVID-19.

tech in PPE

Fire Dept. Vehicle Fogging

Tech fogging fire truck to stop the spread of COVID-19.

tech in PPE

Fire Dept. Vehicle Fogging

Tech fogging fire truck to stop the spread of COVID-19.

tech in PPE

Fire Dept. Vehicle Fogging

Tech fogging fire truck to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Crew wearing SERVPRO masks

Masked & Ready

Masked & ready to take care of all your cleaning needs.

We can help minimize the spread of germs with proactive cleaning! At SERVPRO, we’re trained to adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitization standards, making us the #1 choice for cleanup and restoration.

cleaning infographic

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings.

our trucks lined up

Meet Our Fleet

Meet our fleet of bright green vehicles! From our little marketing Cubes to our big Box Truck, SERVPRO of Resiterstown has the equipment to handle any job, large or small.

Office Staff Group Photo

SERVPRO of Reisterstown: Meet Our Office Staff

Say hello to the office team at SERVPRO of Catonsville.

Brittany Wetzel, Job File Coordinator

Stephanie Turner, Office Manager

Patty Tuel, Rebuild Admin

Kayla Santmyer, Admin

Alexa Caviness, Job File Coordinator

Water on bathroom floor

Toilet overflow causes damage

Toilet overflowed in bathroom, our technicians responded for emergency services within 2 hours from when the loss occurred. The crew extracted the wet area and removed the carpet and trim. They also checked drywall and vanity for any trapped moisture. Once the crew further inspected, they placed a dehumidifier and air movers for drying. Equipment was left for a standard 3 days and monitored each day.

Messy kitchen before cleanup

Kitchen Clean-Up

Tenants left the kitchen in their apartment filled with trash upon vacating. Our certified technicians put on their PPE to go in and clean up this apartment and remove all the trash that was left. We made it nice and clean "Like it never even happened."

Smoke damage after fire in home

Small Fire With a Lot of Smoke Damage

A lot of soot and smoke damage throughout the home, caused by a small fire. Plastic residue throughout the home from a dehumidifier burning. Our certified technicians went in and cleaned everything to make it "Like it never even happened." 

Pet Pig Selfie

A Pig surprise at a Water damage

We never know what surprises we may find behind closed doors.  However, our manager was pleasantly surprised by our homeowner's pet pig.  He was all smiles and ready for his selfie with SERVPRO!

Water Damage

Our crew working on a huge water damage

Carpet Delamination

Carpet delamination is the separation of the carpet from the backing. This occurs when the carpet has been wet for an extended amount of time. Unfortunately, when this happens the carpet is not salvageable. This is just one of the many reasons that if you have a water damage you should contact SERVPRO immediately. Waiting can cause more damage. 

Stock Ruined

The stock sitting on the floor in this Catonsville warehouse became water logged and ruined after a pipe busted. The contents were inventoried and submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement. 

Wood Stove Fire

An unattended wood stove caused the fire in this home. A board up and complete pack out were the result. Notice the ceiling fan. The fire burned so hot it melted the blades.

Busted Pipe in Vacant Home

While the homeowners were away visiting family for the holidays a pipe busted in their residence causing damage to all three floors of their Gwynn Oak home. Walls, flooring and insulation had to be removed. 

SERVPRO of Reisterstown is an IICRC certified firm in water, fire and mold remediation.  We work with all insurance companies and directly with the homeowner.  If you are experiencing a water, fire, mold or general clean up issue please call SERVPRO of Reisterstown at 410-242-7371.

Tree in Window

Gusty winds and a heavy rain caused a tree branch to snap and break the windows of this Owings Mills home.  The broken window allowed water, leaves, branches and other debri inside. We were onsite quickly keeping more damage to a minimum.


A Real Mess Caused by Busted Pipe

A busted pipe, a collapsed ceiling, and blown in insulation. The result?  A real mess in this hallway coat closet that stored the family's shoes in it. These shoes were non salvageable but SERVPRO worked with the Insurance Company to get the homeowner reimbursed for their loss. 


Freezing Temps and Frozen Pipes

You can always count on the winter months bringing below freezing temperatures and consequently frozen pipes. This picture depicts the aftermath of a frozen pipe bursting causing a ceiling to collapse and bring down drywall and insulation. 

Frozen Pipes Cause of Ceiling Collapse

Frozen pipes caused the collapse of the ceiling of this basement bedroom. Drywall becomes very heavy when it is wet. This ceiling became so saturated it could not hold its own weight and ultimately fell. 

Soaked Carpet in Commercial Building

This multi purpose commercial building in Randallstown had 3 floors affected when a water supply line busted on the third floor. Our crews worked thru the weekend to get them back in business. 

Collapsed ceiling

Drywall becomes very fragile once saturated with water and can easily lose its strength. This picture shows a collapsed ceiling in a split level home that became wet from a leak in the roof.

Muddy Storm Water

Storm water flooded this basement bedroom causing a muddy mess. To aid the homeowner our team inventoried the damaged contents so that the insured could be reimbursed. We then hauled away and disposed of those contents.

Drying Chamber

Drying chambers are often used in water mitigation  to section off  areas so that the air movers and dehumidifiers can concentrate on just the affected area.  Zippers are placed for easy movement in and out of these areas.

Water Marks on Closet Doors

This picture shows an example of how water in  carpet has wicked up the wooden bi-fold closet doors subsequently ruining them.  Unfortunately, these types of water marks cannot be cleaned.

Bathroom Affected with Soot

This residential fire in Randallstown required a board up and a complete pack-out. SERVPRO understands that losses like this can be overwhelming but we are here to assist you with dealing with your insurance company and getting thru it one step at a time.  

Water Marks

Water marks on a ceiling require our team to carefully remove the portion that is affected. Once the water damage is completed the ceiling is repaired and no one ever knows the difference.  

Saturated Carpet and Padding

A busted pipe caused flooding in this Reisterstown residence. The homeowners were away when it  happened so the carpet and padding sat wet for several days. Upon our arrival we found the carpet had begun to delaminate so after gaining  the approval from the adjuster our crews pulled all the carpet and padding.


Flooded Laundry Room

A few inches of water in a basement laundry room may seem overwhelming to some, but certainly not to our IICRC Water Restoration Technicians. 

SERVPRO of Reisterstown is an IICRC certified firm in water, fire and mold remediation.  We work with all insurance companies and directly with the homeowner.  If you are experiencing a water, fire, mold or general clean up issue please call SERVPRO of Reisterstown at 410-242-7371.

Mold Behind Cabinets

The mold shown on these kitchen cabinets were discovered by mistake when cabinets that had been damaged by a leak from the bathroom on the floor above were being removed. 

Mold in Commercial Building Basement

This mold growth shown was on the walls of a commercial building basement. The walls were removed and the studs were treated and cleaned to prevent future growth. 

SERVPRO of Reisterstown is an IICRC certified firm in water, fire and mold remediation.  We work with all insurance companies and directly with the homeowner.  If you are experiencing a water, fire, mold or general clean up issue please call SERVPRO of Reisterstown at 410-242-7370.

Mold in a Vehicle

A bad seal around a window allowed water to seep in under the backseats of this vehicle. As a result mold grew. The remediation included removing the seats, treating the frame with an antimicrobial and venting an Ozone machine into the car to eliminate the odor.  

Mold on Drywall

This mold was found on the back of a piece of drywall that had gotten saturated due to a leaking window.  Once found on drywall, the drywall should be carefully removed. 

Mold Growth in Gwynn Oak, MD

In the right conditions mold can spread rapidly and left untreated it can cause health issues. It is always in the best interest to contact a professional in mold remediation such as SERVPRO. 

Mold Growth

Mold can often go undetected.  This mold was hiding behind baseboards and was only found when the homeowner decided to have some remodeling done.  An Industrial Hygienist was called in and later confirmed the suspected growth was indeed mold. 

Extensive Kitchen Fire

A complete pack-out was required for this extensive kitchen fire loss.  Contents were boxed and brought back to our warehouse for storage until the home could be rebuilt and ready for move back.

Chimney Fire in Reisterstown

A chimney fire caused smoke and soot damage to a two level home in Reisterstown.  Smoke and soot could be found thru out the entire home as well as the attic. All the insulation was removed from the attic and a thorough cleaning was done of the structure and contents.

Unattended Pot on Stove

An unattended pot on the stove caused extensive smoke and soot damage not only to the home that the fire originated in but also to the neighboring homes on each side. 

Soot on Carpet

Here you see soot that has been tracked on the carpet. Soot can be tricky to clean and sometimes if not cleaned properly it can cause more permanent damage. At SERVPRO our employees are trained and certified at fire restoration. 

Roof Leak in Church in Catonsville

A slow but steady roof leak caused this damage to the ceiling tiles in a local church. Due to lack of use of the room, the leak went undetected and subsequently mold grew. SERVPRO removed all the affected ceiling tiles and cleaned and treated the metal grids. 

3 Levels Affected by Sewage in Commercial Building

Imagine walking into the bathroom at your doctors office and seeing this. This was the case with a 3 level commercial building that housed several doctors suites in Randallstown. Fortunately we were able to get our certified technicians on site immediately keeping the damages and closures to a minimum. 

Water Damage in Gym

It took a crew of 6, almost 25 fans and 5 dehumidifiers to take care of this water damage in a gym in Owings Mills. Just an example of how teamwork makes the dream work.  

Water Damage in Commercial Building

This water damage in a multi business  commercial building in Woodlawn affected 4 floors.  The loss was called into our office late on a Friday afternoon.  Our crews worked tirelessly thru the weekend so that the business could be back up and running on Tuesday. Needless to say, they were very grateful for our emergency services

SERVPRO Coat Drive 2017

SERVPRO of Reisterstown is participating in our annual coat drive, “Share the Warmth” from Nov. 13 th to Dec 8th , to benefit shelters in the area for men, women, and children. 

Last year these coats were generously dry cleaned by CRDN and donated all coats, hats and gloves to the Baltimore Crisis Center. 

SERVPRO is collecting all coats of all sizes and ages, and used hats and gloves!

Help “Share the Warmth” with your community members in need! If you have coats you would like to donate, or feel that your office would like to be a collection site this fall, please message us!

First Aid & CPR Training

Safety is always a big concern and important to keep our employees safe while out on the jobsite.  So we spent a day in the classroom learning CPR, AED, and First Aid skills. 

Southwest Business Expo Extravaganza

SERVPRO of Reisterstown attends the yearly Southwest Business Expo, which is a great networking event where we meet other businesses and can promote SERVPRO to all the attendees. It is a great experience each year

Golf Outing

SERVPRO of Reisterstown participates in a golf outing once a year. We set up our SERVPRO tent at a hole and give out drinks and also SERVPRO promotional items. We talk to the golfers and answer any questions that they may have to do with SERVPRO.

Arbutus Beautification Day

SERVPRO of Reisterstown participated in the community with the Arbutus Beautification Day! We donated items to help clean up and donated our time and vehicle to help with the clean up.

CE class

Free CE class at our Reisterstown location, (6 free credits) Restorative drying for water damage and Bio Cleanup, we have an awesome trainer who teaches our classes and makes them very interesting.

Arbutus parade

SERVPRO of Reisterstown participated in the Arbutus carnival opening day parade. We handed out candy and glow sticks to all the children. Our crew really enjoys participating in community activities.

ASCS certificates

ASCS certified

ASCS certificates

ASCS certified

IICRC Certified Firm

We are proud to announce that our franchise is now proudly an IICRC Certified Firm.   We are held to high standards. Each Certified Firm has trained technicians, verified insurances and has a documented complaints .


This is just part of our SERVPRO fleet of vehicles

Commercial water loss

Our crew quickly responded to a local hotel when they experienced a large water loss.  The large fleet was ready with extraction tools and drying equipment.

July Parade

Members of the SERVPRO team & their families take part in the local Arbutus Parade

Pay Back

All members of our SERVPRO team were given a chance to throw a pie at our owners & managers!